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See the file name information for length of the ride and the suggested donation amount.

Codes are included in the file names to help describe the ride such as n5 (five toes on the nose), n10 (ten toes on the nose), heels (heel or heels over the nose), ftkk (foot kick), spin (body spin), wkbk (walk back from nose), 360 (board spin around), cccc (classic ride), sand (step off onto sand), n5x3 (three times to the nose), 2sr, 3sr, 4sr (overall star rating), pock (pocket ride), cvr (cover up with water), swch (switch stance), bs (backside), dip (head dip), epic (enough said).


The first 100 get two clips for one. First click the two images to email your choices. (Clicking the link will open your email app to send an email. Send a separate email for each clip you are interested in receiving.)

These clips are from the Malibu Boardriders' 24th Annual Call to the Wall. Your $20 will get your choice of two video clips for the first 100 donors.

This is the first web page of several pages we will create from other Coalition of Surf Clubs events.

Find your ride!

Donation Methods: Use Paypal link below or the Zelle system with gsahagen at for donations. The Zelle system is a bank to bank transfer system with no fees. Most banks are now using this system. If you prefer you can click the Donate button below to use our Paypal where fees are 2% or log on and find us on Facebook where fees are 5%.

Find and click on your thumbnail image below to email us to receive the clip. You can donate and then receive your clip via a shared Dropbox folder or get them delivered in other ways agreed upon. You can be given instructions on how to donate and get your own personal high resolution video of the ride in several other ways. Email or contact us for other options including custom videos and additional use permissions. additional fees for special delivery options and commercial use can be worked out. You will be able to use these clips for editing and posting on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The date of alll clips here was July 19, 2015 at the 24th Annual Malibu Boardriders' Call to the Wall finals day at Surfrider Beach, Malibu.

The clips are better quality than this video above which is a video report of the event by the Surf Channel.

Here is an example a MOV clip you can receive with your donation: click here and download this full sample MOV video. Playing in your browser is not the best example of the real resolution quality. Open in a QuickTime Player or other suitable 'app' to get the full effect of the quality available.

Find your ride!

This was Sunday Finals Day for the event and the clips are arranged by the contest schedule==> Sunday's Schedule.

There were missed rides so don't get upset if yours is not there.

For a list of all the contestants click here. This list includes surfers eliminated on Saturday. Only surfers who made it to Sunday from Saturday got a clip.

The thumbnails below were selected for easy identification of face, board and/or color of singlet. The images are not necessarily the best part of the ride. =================================================================Five columns across>>

  Find your clip then click the picture to email questions about that clip

9am heat with Joel Tudor

Joel Tudor

Joel Tudor


3:45pm heat with Kai Takayama

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