The Huntington Beach Longboard Crew

The Huntington Beach Long Board Crew was formed October 17, 1985. Charter members of the HBLC included Mike Minchinton, Wally Walczyk, Gary Sahagen, Jacob Sahagen, Joe Yeno, Nick Lopez, Dan Casey, Frank Cochran, John English, Lee Nesmith, Chris Campin and Bob Asperen. The club grew to 53 members a year later. The list of names included Ace Aseltine, JC Aseltine, Chuck Annen, Geoff Atkinson, Benny Westbrook, Burt Benz, Bill Burhans, Mike Casey, Dave Carlos, Gayline Clifford, Mark Cobb, Chuck Condi, Ed Enriquez, Robert Fanti, Norm Finn Pat Fourmont, Rob Fraser, Stu Guinn, Keanu Haili, Mike Haley, John Hess, Doug Huff, Rick Jones, Kenny Justice, Daryl Kimberly, Lisa Konrad, Scott Lyon, Tony Mahfet, Eric McCarthy, Dan Meier, Stacy Peterson, Carly Roberts, Pamela Roberts, Ruban, Kemo Sanchez, Bret Zschomler, Gary Zschomler, Lew Storum, Rick Valdez, Josh Wilber, John W. and Ralph Yeramian. A calendar of scheduled events for the second year had meetings alternating between Bob Asperen's deck and Scotty Lyon's house. The first anniversary meeting and board burn was held at the HB state park. The pier paddle was November 15, 1986. On December 19, 1986 there was a club contest at the HB pier. The January 24 and 25 outing in 1987 was to Quatro Casas in Mexico. A points system and the perpetual trophy was established. Mike Minchinton was the first year's point leader which earned him the coveted first name on the Longboard Crew Perpetual Trophy. Other perpetual award names include Tony Mahfet, Bruce Walczyk, Frank Cochran, Lee Nesmith, Kristy Enriquez, Ralph Yeramian, Gary Sahagen, Ed Enriquez, Bill Brewer, Myra Brewer, Bob Bright, Carlos Reyes, Bret Zschomler, Tom Knight, Tim McCollum and Bill Hopkins. The Longboard Crew Perpetual Trophy is pictured below:

1987 San-O-Smash

The HBLC runs contests and fund raisers to raise money for other charitable organizations. In 2000, the club incorporated as a non-profit organization. We hold monthly meetings and attend team competitions as a charter member of the Coalition of Surf Clubs (CSC). Our charitable work include Project Self Sufficiency, Save Our Selves, Adopt-A-Family and other causes that have come up through the years. We collaborate with other groups. Our pier paddle, our Valentine Day Surf n Dance, our Robin Hauser Surf N' Bowl, our San-O-Smash, our Northside Pro-Am Classic, our GT Noseriding and Tandem Pro-Am and many other events and activities have made the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew world famous.

The Huntington Beach Longboard Crew belong to the Coalition of Surf Clubs, an organization that represents the interests of surfing clubs throughout California and the world. In addition to offering a competitive venue for club surfing, this organization acts as a united voice to address issues related to coastal water quality, beach access, development, and legislative policy. The Coalition currently represents over 20,000 surfers of all ages worldwide. The Longboard Crew is a founding member of this coalition and sends a surf team from Huntington Beach to compete against other teams in periodic tournaments for bragging rights. These tournaments are family oriented and raise money for charitable and environmental causes. List of names from the Longboard Crew membership roster:

Anderson Brian "Loafer"
Angeley Jim
Apadaca Edgar
Arnold Andy
Aseltine Ace
Aseltine Acey
Aseltine JC
Attardo Alan
Asperen Bob
Avemaria Hans
Bailey Doug
Bailey Lisa
Baptiste William
Babiracki-Kirby Carole
Barnick Ben
Bascope Felipe
Bastien Matt
Bastien Mike
Baxter James
Beebe Lisa
Bellows Rachel
Bewsee Robin 
Bigelow Don
Bigelow Conrad "CJ"
Bigler Mary
Bigler Lily
Birch Caryn
Boldt Jay
Bolen Bob "The Greek"
Boozer John
Boozer Morghan
Braudo Stephen
Brewar Ronald
Brewer Bill "Checkers"
Brewer Myra
Bright Bob
Briney Frank
Brock Jacquelyn
Brown Rob "RB"
Browning Mark
Bruning Paul
Bugarini Oscar
Burgess Ray
Bushman Adam
Camargo Maddie
Carlos Dave
Carlos Leslie "Big Red"
Carlson James
Carlson Lily
Carlson Sarah
Carmadella Terry
Carr Matt
Carter George
Casas Larry
Casas Shelley
Casey Mike
Casey Daniel Patrick
Castro Artie
Cepeda Alex
Cepeda-Russell Patricia
Chrysler Christina J
Church Barry
Church Shanna
Clack Bennett
Clack Eric
Clack Sharon
Clifford Jeff
Clowe Miff
Cobb Mark
Cochran Frank
Cochran Penny
Colby Barry
Coons Jim
Cowan Bruce
Crumley Eric
Crump Roy
Dale Dick
D'Angelo John
DaSilva Thomas
Delmer Bob
DelMonaco Patty 
DeLoach Jeff
Dillard Joey
Dominguez Al
Dooley Dennis
Duane Gordon "Gordie"
Duarte Anthony
Dufour Asa
Dufour Stephanie
Dufour Zoe
Eckberg Eric
Edinger Mark
Edwards Suzie
Elmes Robert
Engle Cathy
English Andrew
English Cody
English Scott
Enriquez Eddie 
Enriquez Kristy 
Ester Mike
Faircloth Marc
Flynn Jim
Flynn Jack
Flynn Scott
Flynn Chris
Flynn Rick
Focht Tres
Frank Mike
Frank Trent
Frederickson Bob
Freidman Bobby
French Steven
Fruitwala Sarah "Fae"
Fury William Edward "Bill"
Gabrielson Bruce
Gacad Danny 
Gaeta Joe
Garcia-Rojas Sammy
Garrison Josh
Gibson Shannon
Gladman Mike
Godfrey Raymond
Gomez Michael
Gonzales Fred
Gonzales Tina
Gonzales Shaun
Greely-Gonzales Kayla
Grosse Larry
Gruner Paula
Guilmette Irena
Guilmette Jeremy
Guilmette John
Hafke Steve
Halada Leslie
Haley Mike
Hall John
Hall Mason
Hall Victoria
Hall Zachary
Hamrock Kim 
Hamrock Margeaux
Hamrock Marty
Hansen Curt
Hansen Karen
Hanson Jeff
Harris David
Harvel Kyle
Harvel Wally
Hastings Jim
Hauser Robin
Hawkins Joey
Hawkins Ronald
Hawkins Wendy 
Hayes Bob
Heady Dave
Heckman Paul
Hegberg Thorsten
Hegberg Quinten
Hensley James
Heraver Jamie
Hilts Dave
Hitchens Kevin
Holreck Vernon
Honrath Tom
Hopkins Bill
Hopkins Billy 
Hopkins Rylee
Housel Patrick
Hugron Justin
Huseman Mike
Huseman Yvette
Ischinger Judy
Ischinger Rick "Ischy"
Jacques James
Jacques Jessica
Janosz Mike 
Janosz Steve
Jeffs Deborah
Jenks Howard Albert
Jimenez Dylan
Jimenez Raoul 
Johnson Robert
Jones Bruce
Jones Paul
Jones Shane
Jones Tony 
Juhasz Michelle
Karian Travis 
Kehoe Kirra
Kehoe Monique
Kehoe Sean
Keiser Kotch
Kirby Kevin
Knight Tom
Koller Gary 
Koller Kelly
Kraushaar Karl
Kraushaar Kelly
Kremel Dodger
Kroo Kris
Lambert Allen
Lambert George
Lancaster Ted
Land Robert
Landgren Allan
Lewington Eva
Lewis Danny 
Lewis Mike
Lewis Randy 
Lie Lance
Linnen Chuck "Raoul"
Livingston Kim
Lopez Nick 
Lovrine Dwain
Lundquist Aaron
Lundquist Leslie Harding
Lyford Randy 
Lyle Paula
Lyman John
Lynn Wendy 
Lyon Scotty
Madsen Angela
Mahfet Tony
Marks Alex
Maron Dennis
May Thomas
McCart Marilyn
McClane Duncan
McCollum Kathleen
McCollum Tim 
McConnell Mark
McCutcheon Clay
McDevitt Joshua
McDevitt Nikki
McDevitt Ron
McDevitt Sydney
McIntosh Heather
McKinnon Rocky
McTernan Julia
Messick Todd
Miller Al 
Minchinton Mike
Mondor Christian
Monson Donald
Miskin Danny
Morefield Steve
Morefield Shelly
Neishi Bobby
Nesmith Lee
Newman  John 
Nigro Vince 
Nunes James
Nuuhiwa David
Nuuhiwa Senior Uncle David
Nuuhiwa Jan
Olivas Chris
Olson (Ontkean) Jack
Ontkean Paula
O'Shea Dan 
Overton Randy 
Patri Steven
Pauli Teresa
Pendleton Ron
Perry Cindy
Perry Jennifer
Pollock Jim
Poppler-Bartlow Jericho
Bartlow Raquel
Bartlow Sophia
Potts Les
Quinn Don
Quinonez Diego
Quinonez Hans
Quinonez Rena
Quintanar Yolanda
Raab Chris
Rathan Sean
Reno Corwin
Reyes Carlos 
Reyes Michelle
Reynolds Dave
Reynolds Rob 
Richards Michelle
Rivera Alex
Rivera Angie
Rogers Annette
Rogers Tiffany
Romero Claudia
Royal Rob
Roybal Gilbert
Ruiz Chuck
Russell Andy
Rustan Johneen
Rustan Robin "Rusty"
Rustan Ryan
Sahagen Gary "Seahag"
Sahagen Wendy 
Salgado John Paul
Sato Dennis
Schaefer Matt
Schrage Andrew
Schroeder Breanna
Schuyler Al
Scott Doug E
Seager Nora
Shelton Jonathon
Sherman Stuart
Shlaudeman Bob
Shlaudeman Kimberly
Shlaudeman Mary Lou
Sierra Joe
Smith Derek
Silver Jeff
Smith Eldon
Smith Joe
Smith Judy
Smith Shane
Smith Steve
Spindleman Debi
Springer Katelyn
Stewart Lee
Stewart Mark "Stewie"
Stone Ash
Stone Mike
Stone Scott
Sullivan Diana
Sutherland Adam
Sutton Cyrus
Syverson Scott
Tanaka Shige
Taylor John 
Taylor Matthew
Terrado Noel
Thomas Sean
Thomas Sherilyn Dee
Thomas Gretchen
Thomas Shirley
Thomas Steve
Tillmans Michael
Toms Frank
Toms Sole
Trepas Stan "Wooden Indian"
Troadec Bruno
Umbarger Angela
Umbarger Richard
Valado Erik
Walczyk Sheena
Walczyk Bruce "Wally"
Waring Grace
Waring Mark
Waring Trevor
Wasserman Kevin "Noodle"
Watson Bill 
Weiler Don
Weiler Greg "Fuzzy"
Weiss Mark 
Westbrook Benny "The Blaster"
Whalen Tim 
Whitener Dan 
Wilborn Caleb
Willson John
Wright Deann
Wright Gene
Yeno Joe
Yeramian  Ralph "R Snake"
Young Glenn
Zee Bobby
Zschomler Bret "BZ"
Zschomler Gary 
Zschomler Joanne 
Zschomler Mary

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