Happy 30th Year to the Surf Club!

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Est. 10/17/1985
Huntington Beach Longboard Crew

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Calendar of Events and Gatherings

April 8, 2015: Surf Club Movie and Talk Story

Our World Famous Talk Story follows a surf flick at 6pm in the banquet room. Mario's Mexican Restaurant at the Five Points Shopping Mall. Second Wednesday monthly. Guests are welcome to come check it out.
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April 11, 2015: 15th Annual Surf n Bowl in Memory of Robin Hauser

May 2015: Day at the Beach and Santa Cruz Classic

June 2015: International Surfing Day and the Malibu Boardriders Call to the Wall

July 2015: US Open of Surfing

August 2015: Oceanside Tournament

September 2015: Surf City Dayz

October 2015: Cardiff Reef Tournament

November 2015: Northside Classic

email the crew: info@hblongboardcrew.org

Our 2015 HB Surf Team needs your support:

The surfers pay their own way to these surf meets. To assist with some of these costs we need your help. The HBLC would like to provide more support for the HB Surf Team in 2015.

Online fundraising for A Huntington Beach Surf Team is sent to compete with other surf teams in the Coalition of Surf Clubs Tournaments. Surfers from over twenty clubs travel in California to compete in shortboard, SUP, tandem and classic surfing heats. http://www.surfclubs.org

Final Surf Club Rankings 2014
2014 COALITION OF SURF CLUBS Place Top Four GOTT Logjam SCLU CTTW OLSC MSA WSC SSA Tourmaline top three total weighted
Windansea Surf Club WSC 1 4 16 1 2 3 11 1 1 1 3 3 4.3 2
Oceanside LB Surfing Club OLSC 2 5 1 6 5 4 1 2 8 2 1 3 3.3 1
Malibu Surfing Association MSA 3 11 4 2 4 2 5 3 5 10 11 7 5.1 3
Long Beach Surf Club LBSC 4 14 3 - 11 2 9 - 5 4 9 5.7 5
Pacific Beach Surf Club PBSC 5T 15 6 - 9 8 3 5 2 6 5 10 5.5 4
Doheny LB Surfing Assoc DLSA 5T 15 2 - 11 9 4 - - 3 6 9 5.8 6
Swamis Surfing Assoc SSA 7 21 11 7 14 14 6 - 4 4 - 14 8.6 12
Cardiff Surf Club CSC 8 22 10 - 10 7 - - 6 7 2 15 7.0 8
Malibu Boardriders Club MBC 9 23 15 - - 1 13 4 10 8 12 13 9.0 13
Big Stick Surfing Assoc BSSA 10 24 8 3 6 12 - 7 - 15 - 16 8.5 11
Coronado LB Surfing Ass CLSA 11 29 9 - - - 10 - 3 11 7 19 8.0 10
Pedro Point Surf Club PPSC 12 31 - 4 3 15 9 - - - - 16 7.8 9
HB Longboard Crew HBLC 13T 33 5 - 13 10 8 - - 12 10 23 9.7 15
Ventura Surf Club VSC 13T 33 14 - 7 5 12 9 - 14 - 21 10.2 16
Sunset Cliffs Surfing Assoc SCSA 13T 33 12 - - 6 7 - - 13 8 21 9.2 14
La Jolla Shores Surf Ass LJSSA 16 34 7 - 12 16 14 - 9 9 9 25 10.9 18
Santa Barbara Surf Club SBSC 17 36 13 - 8 17 - 8 7 - - 23 10.6 17
Santa Cruz LB Union SCLU - - - 5 1 13 - - - - - 19 6.3 7

Most Recent CSC Scoring Guidelines:
1) To be included in Coalition of Surf Clubs Team Scoring a team must participate in a minimum of four (4) Coalition Sanctioned Events for 2014. 2) The four top placements for each team are added to make up a composite score for each team. 3) Team ranking is ordered based on low to high composite score, where the lowest score is awarded first place, the next highest score is awarded second place and so on.
Only Coalition accepted clubs/teams are eligible. 4) A blank score for any team for any event indicates that team did not field a team for that event. 5) There is no trophy or cup for top teams at this time.

2015 HBLC Surf Team Officially Sanctioned Events:

Coalition of Surf Clubs (CSC)
Date Event
April 25, 2015 Logjam at Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz Hosted by Big Stick Surfing Assoc
May 23, 2015 Memorial Day Classic at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz

The Longboard Crew's goal is to have fun while generating funds and services for worthy causes.

Member's ages range under 10 to over 75 years old.
Our members are well traveled and take excursions to remote areas of the world. When we get together as a group it's usually in Surf City.

email the crew: info@hblongboardcrew.org

HBLC Surf Club History link

The HBLC Surf Club hosts events, monthly meetings and gatherings, a surf team for charitable fundraising events and other fun social events benefitting the members and our causes. The membership fee is $40.00 per year for the family! You get a cool membership certificate suitable for framing, a club t-shirt, stickers and a whole lot of new friends (or $25 for a family membership without t-shirt). In order to join, renew or simply donate to the Crew click the donate button below and we will send you an acknowledgement by e-mail. Please add a shipping fee if you want any shirts sent in the mail.

email the crew: info@hblongboardcrew.org

Welcome to all of our members for 2014.

To join the club you can click on any Donate Button

( ) or come to our next Mario's gathering (second Wed of each month) or send a regular letter or pick up an application or

email the crew: info@hblongboardcrew.org

That's five different ways to join.

The Huntington Beach Longboard Crew is a registered and
approved 501(c)3 California Corporation.

Our Mission Statement:
Represent surfers as contributors to the community,
support our surfing culture and
educate others about our water world.

2014 Directors:

Gary Sahagen - Chairman

Tim McCollum - Treasurer

Kathleen McCollum - Secretary

Tony Jones - Director

Al Schuyler - Director

Diana Sullivan - Director

Rick Ischinger - Director

The board meets monthly. A quorum of five
of the above is required for a board of directors meeting.

To send us snail mail:
9121 Atlanta Avenue  Suite 623
Huntington Beach, California 92646

email the crew: info@hblongboardcrew.org

Huntington Beach Longboard Crew

A Not So Recent Event:
Click photo below to see other 1930's pics
Thank you Marilyn at Mario's for the cool pics

HBLC Surf Club Notes:
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Surfboards in the Sand

Club Notes:

On February 2, 2014 (Superbowl Sunday) the HB crew manned the Surf City USA® Marathon's Beer Garden from 9am - 2pm. Over 20,000 runners were entitled to two beers (over 21 of course) after they finished the race. Thank you to all the volunteers! All went smoothly and as always we have impressed. Thanks to Kathy Kinane, Amy, Celeste and Diana of the Surf City Marathon. This was the HB Longboard Crew's seventh year running the Surf City USA® Marathon's Beer Garden!

The longest standing paddle race around the Huntington Beach Pier has got to be the Longboard Crew's Annual Pier Paddle. The history of this race goes all the way back to when the first race was held on November 15, 1986. The race was one of the crew's first events followed by a surf contest on December 19, 1986 at the pier. The third big event was a trip to Quatro Casas in January of 1987. The Pier Paddle has been a long standing tradition and is a hallmark from a time when surfing contests were simply paddle races around buoys that ended with a race to the shore. Even into the 1960's, there were paddle races as part of the US Surfing Championships at the pier. Our 28th Annual Pier Paddle was held February 16, 2014. The final results were:

1st Place: Shane Jones at 6 min 22 sec

2nd Place: Tim McCollum at 7 min 37 sec

3rd Place: Noel Terrado at 8 min 22 sec

4th Place: Thomas Da Silva at 9 min 14 sec

5th Place: Steve Hafke at 10 min 38 sec

6th Place: Glenn Young at 11 min 13 sec

On March 22, 2014 we attended the Rincon Invitational. The surf team consisted of Tim, Bill B., Don B., CJ, Scott, Andrew, Quinton, Jeremy, John G., Gary, Sean, Hans, Todd, John W., Christian and our support team on the beach: Myra, Kathleen, Irena and various canines!

Great job getting second place behind Malibu Surfing Association!

The Crew hosted the 14th Annual Robin Hauser Surf n Bowl on April 12, 2014. The surf was contestable 1-3 foot at Sixth Street. Mike Stone won the surfing with the highest points for his six waves. The bowling was dominated by Steve Haffke with a 215 bowling score to take first place overall. Mike came insecond with Bill Brewer and Tim McCollum taking 3rd and 4th. The top females were Stephanie Dufour for Women and Maddie Camargo for the Grom division. Zoe Dufour took the "I sucked at Bowling" award. Thanks to all the participants for a fun time!

The Crew hosted the 2014 US Deaf Open of Surfing on June 21-22 in Huntington Beach. Surfers from all over the world came to compete for the World Deaf Surfing Title. Darcy De Lao was the reigning champ but in a heated final Kieran Grant was crowned the new world champ!

The Surf Team headed up to Malibu July 19-20, 2014 for the 23rd Annual Malibu Boardriders' Call to the Wall. Twenty surf teams showed up to compete at Da Bu. Thank you to all the team riders who went to represent HB!! Congrats to Maddie Camargo for her first place finish in Women's Shortboard!! Other members who performed at the Bu in 1-3 foot fun surf were team captain Tim, Terry, Todd, Ted, Bill, Ron, John, Mark, Kathleen, Stephanie, Zoe, Leslie, Aaron and Noel! A good time was had by all!

In August the surf team headed to Oceanside for the 30th Annual Longboard Contest hosted by the Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club. This is always one of our favorite events because of the legends and pros who are there for the Guy Takayama Pro Longboard events. PT, Nuuhiwa, LJ Richards, Jericho and Guy put on an exhibition heat. Our surf team from HB did well with most everyone advancing to Sunday. Mark Stewart stood out with a first place in his division and he also won some money surfing the pro division which probably paid for his weekend, at least. Gary made it to the finals for a second place but got dinged for standing up after the horn which demoted him to sixth place. Our team placed ninth out of sixteen teams/clubs. Thank you to all the team surfers and supporters who came down including Tim, Sean, Shaun, Steve, Kathleen, Mark, Gary, John, Felipe, Pilar, Larry, Lee, Ron, Duncan, Quinten and Thorsten.

The 2015 fiscal year started on September 1, 2014 for the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew. The 2015 fiscal year board of directors are seated and confirmed as of September 1, 2014.

September saw the crew members host a lunch for the HB City Surf Contest contestants on Saturday. We asked that the contestants pack their trash and take some of the small plastic and butts with them. Our club members did fairly well on Saturday. On Sunday there was a significant change in the judging criteria and classic surfing was deemed null and void according to the announcer (who was not there on Saturday). Despite the bias toward "butt wiggling" we saw several classic surfboards do well in the older divisions ranks. Hopefully this was an aberation and the judging will return to the way it is supposed to be, fair and unbiased.

The crew held a beach clean up for National Beach Clean Up Day on September 20, 2014 on the South Side. Thank you for all the members who helped with this important chore.

There were a few members who participated in the Dale Velzy Classic and Luau on September 27, 2014. John Willson, Tim McCollum both made the finals! Congrats!

October 18-19, 2014 we fielded a small team to the Swami's Surfing Association's 20th Annual Return to the Reef Invitational. Our three man team managed to have all advancing through round one. The standout was John Willson who finished second in his age division overall.

The senior olympics held October 25, 2014 on the HB pier southside had many club members participating. Duncan McClane won first place in his age division. Roy Crump, Bob Delmer and John Willson were other club members that made the finals.

The last surf club event for 2014 was held on November 1-2 at Tourmaline Beach Park. We had a small team and got 10th Place out of the 12 teams. Standouts were Ralph, Todd, Felipe, Duncan and John who advanced to Sunday's finals. Thank you to Noel, Kathleen, Suzie, Tim and the other supporters who traveled all the way to La Jolla.

The next event is coming up in January 10-11, 2015 for the DLSA's Gathering of the Tribes at Church Point, Trestles, San Onofre.

Final GOTT Surf Tribe Ranking

Rank Tribal Name Abv
1 Windansea Surf Club WSC 2670
2 Oceanside Surfing Club OLSC 2655
3 Doheny Surfing Association DLSA 1970
4 Long Beach Surf Club LBSC 1925
5 Pacific Beach Surf Club PBSC 1410
6 Huntington Beach Surf Tribe HBLC 1060
7 Coronado Surfing Association CLSA 1015
8 Malibu Boardriders Club MBC 890
9 Cardiff Surf Club CSC 860
10 La Jolla Shores Surfing Assoc LJSSA 820
11 Malibu Surfing Association MSA 800
12 Swamis Surfing Association SSA 760
13 Pedro Point Surf Club PPSC 470
14 Santa Barbara Surf Club SBSC 350
15 Big Stick Surfing Association BSSA 310
16 Estero Bay Surf Club EBSC 160
17 Ventura Surf Club VSC 70

Our HB Surf Tribe this year consisted of 29 surfers: Trent Frank, Quinten Hegberg, Andrew English, Shaun Gonzales, Clay McCutcheon, Shane Smith, Kelly Kraushaar, Thorsten Hegberg, Sean Rathan, Larry Casas, Tim McCollum, Noel Terrado, Felipe Bascope, Doug Scott, Scott English, Kris Kroo, Dwayne Lovrien, Gary Sahagen, John Willson, Terry Carmadella, Ron Pendleton, Jamie Heraver, Jennifer Perry, Suzie Edwards, Deborah Jeffs, Mike Huseman, Ralph Yeramian, Breanna Schroeder and Bobby Freidman.

January 31, 2015: 29th Annual Pier Paddle Race was held at 9am on the southside waters' edge.

The Results for the 2015 Pier Paddle: Shane Jones, 6'23"; Sophia Tiare Bartlow, 6'47"; Tim McCollum, 7'19"; Matthew Taylor, 7'34"; Noel Terrado, 7'35"; Bill Brewer, 7'37"; Thomas DaSilva, 8'58"; Glenn Young, 10'; Ron Harris, 11'37"; Randy Lyford, incomplete.

February 1, 2015 - 8am til 1:30pm was our 8th year of hosting the Surf City USA® Marathon Beer Garden

We served over 5000 beers to the runners after the race. Thank you to all the volunteers who came down to help pour, check ID's and "herd" the runners through the beer garden safely.

end of club notes

see the archived notes for older posts

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In Loving Memory

Kelly Blue Morehouse

Andrew "Andy" Arnold RIP

Northside local and good friend

Early Huntington Beach Surf Clubs have a long history.

Pictured below are some of the earlier tribe members from the Hole in the Wall Gang

The 2011 Surfing Walk of Fame Honor Roll Inductees! There were 38 names listed for the HITWG induction ceremony. Four of these 38 inductees are Huntington Beach Longboard Crew surf team members: John Taylor, Morghan Boozer, George Lambert Jr. and Duncan McClane.

Hole in the Wall Surf Team-Number One in the 1970's

Top Row 3rd from left is Duncan McClane, 5th is John Taylor - Morghan Boozer is kneeling 2nd from left and Mr Pipeline was her husband, John Boozer who is 2nd from right kneeling.

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