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Click here for some 2015 Call to the Wall at Malibu video clips filmed by Ray Allen. Click on the desired ride/surfer to inquire about how to obtain that ride on video. A portion of the proceeds will help to support our surf club's charitable cause and can be tax deductable: Epilepsy awareness and related charities.

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February 2, 2018 1pm-7pm: Surf City Marathon Sand Bar

February 3, 2018: 32nd Annual Pier Paddle Race at 8am on Southside

February 3, 2018 9am-5pm: Surf City Marathon Sand Bar

February 4, 2018 9am-1pm: Surf City Marathon Sand Bar

Come and volunteer to support our cause: Epilepsy Awareness

February 14, 2018: Free love surf flick, Saint Valentine surfboard raffle and "surf love" stories in the Mario's banquet room from 6:15pm-7:30pm.

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February 17-18, 2018: Estero Bay Surf Club hosts the Big, Bad and Ugly at Morro Rock.

The HB Surf Team is going! $90 entry

March 11, 2018: Rincon Invitational has the HB Surf Team surfing from 3pm - 4pm with awards at 6pm. $75

Our goal is to have fun while generating resources for worthy causes. Epilepsy Awareness is our charitable cause for fiscal year 2018. Click for more info.

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2017 started off wet with a postponed Gathering of the Tribes event. The club focused on our 31st Annual Pier Paddle Race dedicated to Sophia Bartlow who came in second place in 2015 almost beating this years' five time champion, Shane Jones. No records were broken this year but Shane Jones won his fifth straight year as he finished a full two minutes ahead of second place!

Shane Jones 6'42"

Thomas Da Silva 8'53"

Steve Hafke 9'29"

Mark Pynchon 9'43"

Lee Graham 9'49"

Morghan Boozer 10'13"

Don Bigelow 11'47"

Noel Terrado 12'10"

The Gathering of the Tribes took place on April 1-2, 2017 at Church, Trestles. Oceanside surf team took first place followed by Windansea, Doheney, Long Beach, Huntington Beach in fifth and Pacific Beach in sixth. There were a total of 19 teams/clubs participating this year with great weather and surf in the 2 to 4 foot range throughout the weekend. Standouts were Mike Watson with a first place finish in the 50-59 division and Tim Reda who placed third in the 30-39 division. We had 23 surfers from HB represent this year with 14 advancing through to the second day. Thanks to all who participated and also the support crew who showed up to cheer us on.

A fun time was had with a capacity crowd for the sreening of "Forgotten Island of Santosha" at Mario's on April 19, 2017. New members received recognition and the talk story was epic as usual.

HB Cult Magazine hosted Locals Appreciation Day on April 29 had a fun pro-am surf contest at Goldenwest and PCH. The highlight was Sugar the surfing dog! Thank you for the great event!

We cancelled the Surf n Bowl. Next year we may change the surfing venue to avoid the pier crowds. Happy springtime to all! We did not send our team to Santa Cruz for the Logjam or the Steamer Lane Classic on Memorial Day weekend. Congrats to team Windansea Surf Club for sweeping the other clubs at both events up north! We are sorry to have to miss these events this year. The Malibu Boardriders' Call to the Wall had twenty teams with over 300 surfers this year. The HB Surf Team came in 11th with Long Beach edging us out by 10 points. The biggest challenge was keeping to under 6 waves. Most of us had problems keeping track as we are use to six waves. Regardless the team did very well with early wins by Kirra Kehoe, Drew Milton, Noel Terrado, Scott English, Gary Sahagen and Chris Kinner. If we had done the paddle race and came in last we would have passed Long Beach and Ventura. Thank you to all the team members including Ted Lancaster who made the valiant effort to surf against Steve Bigler in the final. Thanks to Bobby Friedman and Alexia who placed third in Tandem. Kristina Hehl came up to surf a shortboard heat taking out two San Diego Surfing Ladies members. Riley and Spencer Grant came up with their family for the weekend. Tim Reda had a heartbreak heat in the first round bu still gave us team points. Team points were contributed by all top two finishers in each division.

Oceanside was next as the OLSC held its 33rd Annual Surf Contest and Beach Festival with vendors, live music, raffles and a beer garden. Our HB Surf Team competed against 15 other clubs from California and one club from Texas! We barely beat the Texas club who ended up in 12th place, we got 11th. Our team was fairly small with Tim, Scott, Drew, Joseph, Gary, Riley, Spencer and Jovan Smith-Scott. We brought a videographer, Ray Allen from Ventura. Jovan and Gary Sahagen were the only finalists. Jovan placed 6th in 15-19 Jr Men and in the 60-69 division where Gary placed fifth (and a third place in the presidential heat). Thank you to all the team members who came down and contributed the points!

Thank you to all the team sponsors and donors who helped get us down to Oceanside and both Malibu events!

Malibu Surfing Association's Malibu Classic was on September 9-10, 2017. We had eleven surfers from Huntington Beach go. Kirra Kehoe made the finals in her division and got fifth overall. Tim Reda and Tim McCollum advanced. Our team did well finishing in the middle of the field of over 20 teams/clubs. Thank you to Eldon, Barry, James, Kenny, Christina, Pamela, Glenn, Priscilla, Lenny, Bob and Lee who stepped up and really helped our younger surf team members get to the meets with almost $300 raised by these generous members. A note from Jovan: "So stoked to be a part of the Huntington Beach Longboard Crew and thank you so much to anyone who donated, it really means the world to me and my family. It's really an honor getting to surf with such rad people. Thank you"

The team went to Oceanside and Tourmaline to end out the summer season of touring the California coast. Our finishes in both events was about the middle of the pack of twenty plus teams and clubs from up and down the coast. Stand outs at these events on the HB team were Tim, Amy, Gary, Spencer and Jovan. Join up to get in on the action for Spring and summer 2018. There are a couple more events that we are invited to at Cardiff Reef and La Jolla Shores. Individuals are encouraged to represent and go to these events if at all possible.

We had a fun gathering at Glowzone for October with a compilmentary dinner and comedy show. All who attended had a great time. Thank you to Leslie at Glowzone for showing us this fun new place on Gothard and Edinger in Huntington Beach. The Cosmic Bowling, miniature golf, American Ninja Obstacle Course, Laser Tag and more games were all so awesome. Back to Mario's for November but we may be heading back to Glowzone for December, stay tuned for updates.

The HB Surf Team had two members attend the Return to the Reef event hosted by the Swamis Surfing Association. Larry and Howard went to represent Huntington Beach. Howard advanced in his first heat as a HB Surf Team member getting a second place finish. This and Larry's performance were good enough to propel our HB Surf Team into eleventh place beating the Malibu Boardriders' Surf Team who placed twelfth.

The last Coalition of Surf Clubs event for 2017 at La Jolla Shores was held on November 18-19. Our team consisted of Jovan, River (his first coalition event), Timmy and HK(as team captain). This was one of our best showings for the year as Jovan got first, Timmy got second and River got third in their respective divisions. With acting Team Captain, HK getting an equal 10th we had our team finish tied for sixth out of 14 teams. Windansea Surf Club won the event. The HB Surf Team finished the year with a respectable 11th place out of over 30 surf teams/surf clubs in 2017.

In December, our Christmas Party went off at Mario's Mexican Restaurant with the 2017 Perpetual Award given to Rick Ischinger. 2017 Woman of the Year awarded to Diana Sullivan, 2017 Comeback Competitor awarded to Felipe Bascope and our 2017 Young Lion award went to Jovan Smith. The raffle Wind and Sea MB surfboard was won by Don Bigelow. Lots of other raffle winners and all dues paying members got a free dinner! Thank you to all members who brought their dues current for 2018. These members will receive a XX18 patch for their jackets at the January meeting. The Chuck Dent RL raffle surfboard should be awarded at the January meeting.

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